For slopes which have been identified to be substandard or to pose a landslide risk, appropriate warning signs will be erected. Four types of warning signs are used:

Man-made Slope or Natural Terrain Pending Works

This sign signifies a man-made slope and/ or natural terrain which has been included in the Landslip Prevention and Mitigation (LPMit) Programme works contract, or a man-made slope for which a statutory order (i.e. Dangerous Hillside Order) has been issued by the Building Authority, requiring investigation and/or remedial works.

Natural Terrain with Debris Flow Hazard

This sign signifies a natural terrain which poses a debris flow hazard, and warns the pubilc to stay away from the area.

Slopes Along Busy Roads with a History of Landslides

This standard traffic warning sign is erected along busy roads with a history of landslides and risk of falling or fallen rocks.

Slopes Affecting Squatters included in the Non-development Clearance (NDC) Programme

This sign serves to warn the affected squatters about potential landslide risk before rehousing. The affected squatter structures have been found to be especially vulnerable to landslide risk during rainfall, and GEO has recommended to the Lands Department to include the squatter structures in the NDC programme.