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Landslide Self-help tips

Landslide Disaster. Everyone could be in danger!

Illegal Dumping of Construction Waste on Slopes

Keep away from slopes. Watch for Landslip Warning

Protect Yourself. Watch Out for Landslip Warning

Slope owners to maintain their slopes

Don't carry out unauthorized cultivation

Don't ignore Landslip Warning and signs of landslips

Stay in or move to a safe shelter when the landslip warning in in force

Avoid unnecessary journeys in the hilly area when landslip warning is in force

Slope owners to maintain their slopes

Safe and Green Slopes in Hong Kong

Po Shan Road landslide, Mid-Levels (18 June 1972)

Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme

Sau Mau Ping Landslides (18 June 1972 and 25 August 1976)