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Historical Landslide Catchments (HLC) Under Study

List of Study Areas Being Studied or Scheduled
for Studying Under Current Agreements

Total Number of Records = 69

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Study Area No.LocationAgreement No.URL
10SW-A/SA2Silver Mine Bay, LantauCE26/2012Go to Study Area
10SW-C/SA2Mui Wo, LantauCE22/2018Go to Study Area
11NE-B/SA5Clear Water Bay Road below Flamingo Garden, Sai KungCE29/2016Go to Study Area
11NE-B/SA6Clear Water Bay Road, Sai KungCE40/2015Go to Study Area
11NE-D/HPSA6Ko Chiu RoadCE26/2018Go to Study Area
11NE-D/SA1Tseung Kwan O Village, Sai KungIn-house/LPM2Go to Study Area
11NW-A/HPSA2AKau Wa Keng, Kwai ChungCE30/2016Go to Study Area
11NW-A/HPSA2BKau Wa Keng, Kwai ChungCE30/2016Go to Study Area
11NW-A/SA3Ching Cheung Road, Kwai ChungCE49/2017Go to Study Area
11NW-B/HPSA1Above Baptist University Road, Lok FuIn-house/LPM2Go to Study Area
11NW-B/HPSA2Below Lung Cheung RoadCE25/2018Go to Study Area
11NW-B/SA1Lung Cheung Road, Beacon HillCE49/2017Go to Study Area
11NW-D/HPSA2Wylie Road, King ParkCE46/2017Go to Study Area
11SE-A/HPSA3Yee King Road, North PointIn-house/LPM2Go to Study Area
11SE-A/SA4Quarry Bay StreetCE39/2019Go to Study Area
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