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Awareness and Response in Landslide Situations

Evidence of Landslide Danger

Evidence of Landslide Danger

There may be signs of landslide danger on a slope or retaining wall before it collapses. Some typical signs of landslide danger are listed below:

  1. Landslide debris on roads and footpaths.
  2. New large cracks or ground subsidence in slopes, retaining walls or along road pavements.
  3. Objects, such as mud, rocks, fragments of concrete/brick and uprooted vegetation, falling from slopes and retaining walls.
  4. Sudden change in colour (from clear to muddy) or path of water flowing from slopes or retaining walls.
  5. Concentrated water overflowing onto slopes and retaining walls.
  6. Cement or concrete surface of slopes bulging or being dislodged or signs of soil erosion underway.
  7. Breaking of catchwaters, serious overflow from catchpits or drains.
  8. Flooding of water in hilly areas.
  9. Sudden increase in seepage over an extensive area of a slope or retaining wall.
  10. Listen out for cracking, rumbling or crunching sounds.
Signs of landslide danger

If you observe signs of landslide danger, you should :

  • Keep away from these slopes and retaining walls
  • Report immediately any sign of danger to the police
  • Notify the owner or property manager
Landslip Warning

Landslip Warning

Landslip Warning is broadcast on radio and television to alert the public to the high risk of many landslides as a result of persistent heavy rainfall. Landslip Warnings are issued by the Hong Kong Observatory in consultation with the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) of the Civil Engineering and Development Department.

For detail, please refer to :

When the Landslip Warning is in Force

Precautionary Actions When the Landslip Warning is In Force :

  • You should cancel non-essential appointments, stay at home or remain in a safe shelter.
  • Motorists should avoid driving in hilly areas or on sections of roads with standard traffic warning signs 487. Pedestrains should avoid walking or standing close to slopes/retaining walls along these roads.
  • You should keep away from man-made slopes and natural terrain/slopes with landslip warning signs.
  • When encountering slopes/retaining walls with signs of landslide danger, you should keep away from these slopes/retaining walls immediately and do not attempt to pass. Report to the police for assistance.
  • Further guidance on keeping away from slopes and retaining walls during a Landslip Warning or during heavy rainfall are given in a separate leaflet " Keep Away from Slopes".
Need for Evacuation of Squatter Structures during a Landslip Warning

Need for Evacuation of Squatter Structures during a Landslip Warning

If you have received a notice to evacuate because of landslide danger or believe that your home is endangered by an unstable slope or retaining wall or by overhanging boulders, you should:

Make immediate arrangements to move to a safe shelter. In times of Landslip Warning, temporary shelters will be provided by the District Offices. You may call the Enquiry Hotline of the Home Affairs Department on 2835 1473 to locate the District Office and temporary shelters nearest to you.

Landslip Warning Signs

For slopes and retaining walls which have been identified to be substandard or to pose a landslide risk, appropriate warning signs will be erected. Four types of warning signs are used. For detail, please refer to :

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