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'Are you in the Picture?'

Landslides are no stranger to us in Hong Kong. Our landslide history reminds us of the reality that the risks of slope failure can hardly be eliminated. It is part and partial of the development of Hong Kong over the past century.

The electronic book of "When Hillsides Collapse" is packed with visual images of shocking landslide-related scenes. Touching stories behind these pictures abound. These stories would be more informative and impressive, if they were substantiated by more eye-witnesses' accounts. We have thus built this platform for you to help us enrich the e-book. Your contribution can enhance our efforts in promoting slope safety. Are you, your relatives or friends in these pictures? Do you have any relevant tales and information to tell? If so, please contact us so that we can come up with a comprehensive record of the historic landslides.

The e-book of "When Hillsides Collapse" can be downloaded freely via:

(1) on the tablet computer, go to: or

(2) key in "HK Landslides" for searching the App:

The PDF version of the 2nd Edition of "When Hillsides Collapse - A Century of Landslides in Hong Kong" is also provided as follows for readers' easy reference.

Campaign Participation (Until 31 May 2014)

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If the information provided has been accepted, the provider will be given a hardcopy of "When Hillsides Collapse - A Century of Landslides in Hong Kong (2nd Edition)" as a souvenir.

Enquiry: 2760 5800

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