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Squatters Studies

Squatter huts before clearance
Squatter rehoused and structure cleared after implementation of the Non Development Clearance(NDC)

GEO inspects squatter areas on steep hillsides and recommends Non Development Clearance

GEO is very concerned about the safety of squatters who are subject to landslip risk. Since early 80's, GEO has inspected hillside squatter areas and recommended non-development clearances of squatter structures at risk. Over the last decade, the squatter clearance programme has contributed significantly to reducing the landslip threat to squatters.

GEO erects warning sign
landslide warning sign
landslide warning sign

GEO erects warning signs in affected squatter slopes

GEO posts warning notices

GEO posts notices to advise the affected squatters to stay away from areas that are subject to landslip risk and take precautionary measures during periods of heavy rainfall.

GEO answers the public enquiries

GEO answers the public enquiries on slope safety clearance. You can call 2760 5715 to make an appointment. For detail, please refer to :