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Model Slope Maintenance Plan

Under the climatic conditions we experience in Hong Kong, a man-made slope or retaining wall that is not maintained will deteriorate. In time, it may become unstable and collapse, causing injury to persons, damage to property and disruption to normal life. If this happens, suffering and hardship may result and great expense may be incurred in compensating for the damage and in reinstating the ground to make it safe.

To accomplish proper slope maintenance, slope owners should set up their own Slope Maintenance System to maintain the slopes for which they are responsible.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) of the Civil Engineering and Development Department has recently published a Model Slope Maintenance Plan to assist private slope owners in setting up their own Slope Maintenance System. In the Plan, the arrangement of management organisation, programmes of maintenance inspections and works, documents and records to be kept are described together with samples. Individual owners can modify the Model Plan to suit their own requirements.