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Landslide Potential Index (LPI)

The LPI of a rainstorm tells of the relative severity of the rainstorm in comparison with the most severe rainstorm in the past 30 years in terms of the number of landslides that the rainstorm could lead to.

The rainstorm of late July 1994 that led to the landslide at Kwun Lung Lau with 5 deaths and 3 serious injuries was the most severe since 1984 when GEO started to collect comprehensive landslide and rainfall data; the rainstorm is set at an LPI of 10. A rainstorm of LPI of 5 could be half as severe as the Kwun Lung Lau event in causing landslides. LPI higher than 10 is possible.

Landslide Potential Index of Severe Rainstorms in 2019

  Date Landslide Potential Index
1 31 July 1
2 26 August 1