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Message of Head(GEO)

Hong Kong has a hilly terrain with substantial urban development near hillsides. Coupled with torrential summer rainfall, landslides become a long-term problem that we have to face. In the 1970s, Hong Kong experienced a few disastrous landslides, causing many fatalities and great damage to properties. Subsequently in 1977, the Government set up the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO, formerly called the Geotechnical Control Office), determined to solve the slope safety problem. The Office is now administrated under the Civil Engineering & Development Department. Since then a comprehensive Slope Safety System has gradually been developed. Our remarkable progress in improving the slope safety can be demonstrated with the reduction of overall landslide risk arising from man-made slopes by about 75% from that of 1977.

2017 marks the 40th Anniversary of the GEO as well as the Hong Kong Slope Safety System. We are going to organize a number of public education activities and publicity events this year to commemorate the Government’s effort in improving slope safety in the past 40 years. At the same time, we hope to arouse public awareness on landslide risk through these activities, of which you can find the updates and details in this website.

Looking forward, the adverse effect of extreme rainfall brought about by climate change on slope stability cannot be underestimated. The public are reminded to stay vigilant and be prepared for large-scale landslides. Nonetheless, my GEO colleagues and I will continue to make every endeavor to combat the future challenges in landslide risk management and to serve the community.

WK Pun
Head of Geotechnical Engineering Office